Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yes, I'm Angry!

Last night, I called Hubs to let him know they were calling for snow.  He was going to a friend's house after work and was going to have a 40 mile commute home. Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 4am and he wasn't home!

So, after getting Bubs settled down (come on, you think I was up at 4am without a wake up call???) I called Hubs. He was about 4 miles from home and let me know to be careful on the side roads coming home.  He then tells me I need to check his head when he gets home because he's pretty sure that he was knocked out "for a bit" when he went off the road!!

My first thought was how much more serious this could have been.  He could have called me from the hospital.  I could have had a police officer contact me. He could have still been on the side of the road when I called him.  But he wasn't.  And that's when anger started settling in.

I'm angry that he didn't come home earlier, before the roads got slick.  It's not like it was a shocker that it was coming.  I'm angry that he was out so late because he watches Bubs during the day and because of this, I'm probably going to wind up taking Bubs in to work with me. Not like I plan on Hubs watching him on 2 hours of sleep. I'm angry that he feels somewhat invincible driving on slick roads because he learned to drive in Minnesota. I'm angry that he doesn't feel I have any right to be angry about any of these things, starting with this could have been so much worse

So, here I sit at 4:30 in the morning, trying to work through my feelings.  I'm not a morning person, I'd much rather be curled in my bed with one or both of my men sleeping next to me. And worse, I feel like a total bitch because I haven't gotten past it. I feel like a horrible wife because I didn't react "like I should have". Oy, it's going to be a long day!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry. Men can be such bums. I have one who used to be that obnoxious. He's better now, but your post reminded me of the RAGE I'd feel. And so powerless, too.

Kris said...

I would be extremely upset as well. The very least he could have done was call you a)when he left his friend's place and b)after going off the road to let you know it would be a bit before he'd be back. Men just don't think sometimes

Heather said...

Thanks ladies! When I posted this, I just needed to get it out.

He said he didn't call because he didn't want to wake me up. He's done that before, no problem. But this time, I was pretty upset that he didn't call, especially after he "lost" an hour and almost a quarter tank of gas! Luckily, when he went off the road and hit the ditch, his car went into neutral so it didn't go anywhere!