Monday, April 5, 2010

And We Have a CSA!!!

Today is an awesomely geeky exciting day! We are signed up for a CSA for the summer!  Not only that, but in exchange for working at the farm each week, I will earn our share rather than having to pay for it.

Being on a limited budget, buying a CSA share for the summer was out of reach.  Maybe this year I will be able to save up in case working for it is too much on top of the kids, home work, and work work.  But for now, there was no way to find hundreds of extra dollars!

Bug and I went out to the farm after work and school. I think we both learned a lot! She got to see where eggs come from and that they look just the same as the ones we get in a box at the store. She even helped gather until the basket got too heavy for her!  Next, we got to pick some spinach (who knew spinach can grow year round in WI given the right conditions) and weeds. Bug got a lesson in using a "farm voice" from the owners. Next, the adults continued weeding and we sent her to feed the goats. I thought for sure she would freak out, but not only did she feed the goats, she also made the horses happy by feeding them carrots!

Now, we're both dirty and tired, but excited for what the summer holds for us!  I really need to shake her of the totally unreasonable fear I used to have that farm fresh wouldn't hold the same quality as store bought. I think we got part of it out of her today.

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