Sunday, April 11, 2010

Battling Clutter From Another Angle

The other night, I came across a post about reinventing yourself on Adrian's Crazy Life. From the word go, she started to hit the nail on the head when it came to me! Yes, my house is a cluttered disaster.  To use an acronym from Flylady, who I don't listen to nearly as much as I should, I live in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).  I nearly panic at the thought of company, even my great friend who desperately needs a place to get away from time to time!

I decided to listen to Adrian and I picked up some mascara and eye shadow yesterday.  The funny thing is, I really do feel better today.  I don't see the tired eyes and frizzy hair when I look in the mirror.  Since I was putting on some make up, I couldn't exactly let my hair air dry. I'm going to try doing this every day, even when I am just putting on a bandanna (my solution to having to cover my hair but hating to wear ball caps). Last night, I even imagined myself finding some cute earrings that I could wear to work since my hair isn't visible.

The strangest thing is that last night, I stayed up until 2am starting to declutter my bedroom.  I don't want to admit how bad it is in there, but it's BAD!  I started with my dresser.  I don't even like going in there because I hate so many articles of clothing.  The drawers were essentially a mass grave for clothes I would never wear.  So why hold on to them?

I grabbed two garbage bags, one for donation and the other for things that I can't even stand to donate (old bras, underwear, haggard shirts that no one would wear).  After that, I started on my "walk-in closet" known as the bedroom floor.  Yes, I'm a slob who had clothes all over the floor.  I'm still working on it, but already, my room is a more peaceful place.  All of the clothes I've gathered so far will be on their way to a new home via Freecycle in about an hour.  How awesome is it to help someone else out, get rid of clutter and not have to leave home??

All of this because I made the decision that I want to start looking better! It's true, when you start getting a piece of your life in order, the others start to make more sense!


TIFFANY said...

Great idea! I'm going to try that tomorrow.

Something else that I have been trying to do is to spend 15 minutes in each room every other day. It's amazing how much you can get done in only 15 minutes!

Good luck with your decluttering. I am right there with you.

Funky Mama Bird said...

I actually just went through our closets. 9 (nine) HUGE trash bags full of stuff went to Good Will. It was so incredibaly freeing, but now when I look in our closets I'm all "I have no stuff!"

Maria and Michelle said...

Good for you! I tackled the many baskets of clean clothes today, but I may need to go through and purge just like you. What a great feeling!


Jackie said...

Great idea. I need to motivate & get some spring cleaning done now that the weather is getting nicer. It would be so fantastic to peer into our storage room & see the floor.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good for you! Decluttering is as much a mental thing as it is physical, I think. And I also always feel better when I do it.
Great new blog look! It's so fresh!