Monday, April 12, 2010

The Perfect Book Idea...

Jenny McCarthy had a great idea when she wrote "Belly Laughs". It was wonderful to read a book on pregnancy that I could relate to when I was pregnant with Bug.

When I was pregnant with Bubs and found out that my brother and his wife were expecting their first, I was ready with the advice to my brother. "Never tell her she's crying over nothing," was one of the first tidbits I had for him. I can't remember them all now, but there were quite a few things that should never be said to a pregnant woman, especially the one carrying your child!

Now, I have the sequel to that book, "101 Things to NEVER Say to the Mother of Your Children".  The idea for this comes from both Hubs' flubs as well as things I've heard other moms share in disbelief.  Here are a couple to get it started:

  • "You get time to be yourself every night.  You put the kids to bed and then you're up for a couple of hours by yourself."  Men, if you're reading this, spending time alone probably isn't what your wife wants. She's more than likely hoping for some free time without children in tow. And just because our friends have kids that our kids play with doesn't mean we always want it to be a family affair!
  • "Why didn't you get _____ done, you were home all day?" Please, please, please, do NOT say this to a stay at home mom! As a full-time work outside of the home mom, I can tell you, staying at home is FAR more stressful! Any woman who is strong enough to stay home with the kids and keep the house in any sort of order is strong enough to knock you down!
So, what would you add to this list?


Priscilla said...

Well my ex uncle used to say that second one to my aunt all the time.

But, don't ever, don't you ever ask your wife to go on a diet or call her a fat slob.

That is something my ex uncle did.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Don't even TRY on your pre-pregnancy pants until 5 weeks AFTER you think you're ready.

NIkki said...

LOL @ the second one. It's hard to get anything done with a kid/s running around. I can pick up over the living room and within 10 minutes, my 4 yr old can have it looking like I didn't do any sort of cleaning. It's hard to keep a clean house when you have kids LOL..