Sunday, April 4, 2010

Food Week Wrap-up

I didn't get a chance to blog quite as much as I had hoped about trying to change our food habits, but with any luck, I'll keep working on it and find some time.  That way, years from now, I can come back and see how far I've come!

I'll call this week a 50/50 draw.  I didn't do as well as I hoped, but I did cook more than I used to and when I did, I didn't pull out a Hamburger Helper once, a bad habit I've gotten into over the past decade.

One night, we had pizza.  This is the ultimate cheap meal for us because Hubs manages a pizza place.  I had to pick Bubs up from him at work and he made pizza since it adds about 40 miles total to my drive.  The good thing, I know exactly what they use because I used to work for the same company.

Another night, I wound up getting the dreaded arches.  I forgot my keys and forgot to get them from Hubs when he dropped Bubs off to me, so I added over an hour to my evening commute (I was close to home when I realized what I had done).  It was easier to drive thru than to deal with late bedtime.  The interesting thing, I HATED IT!  Seriously, how did I live off such crap for so long?

Thursday, we had limited time because we had church.  I consciously chose to drive thru a different place that had a bit healthier (but still not healthy) options.  I even hated that!  I'm starting to like cooking at home, controlling how things are seasoned, etc.

And today, Hubs' good intentions are falling just a touch flat.  He's not as into (read, not at all) reading labels as I am.  He picked up a "ham" for dinner tonight since we didn't have a family feast at lunch.  It's a "ham and water product" with up to 35% weight in added products.  WOWZERS!!!  I'm not bringing it up to him right this minute because I know it will sour the evening, but dang!  To balance that out, we're having fresh carrots, mashed potatoes, and homemade wheat dinner rolls.

Even though my choices weren't as great as I would like, I think it's a success because the times I faltered taught me a valuable lesson.

Oh, and for a bonus point, I've almost totally converted from soda to water!  We were huge soda lovers, but it's not healthy in so many ways.  I still can't get Hubs on board to change his ways, but I can control what I drink.  And now that I'm not drinking it, Bug is asking for water more than anything else!  Double score!

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Nikki said...

Thats the hardest thing for me is to give up soda. I'm doing ok....keep going with it. I try to drink vitamin water too!!!