Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And Now It's Time For...

Being a blogger, I love reading blogs almost as much as writing mine. That being said, I hate going to a blog and seeing that the only thing going on is blog hops and memes.  Don't get me wrong, I love blog hopping as much as the next blogger gal, but I don't want to get to know you through special features alone!

Yes, it's a good way to get your visits up, but is it a good way to develop a relationship with others?  It is, in moderation. If you have witty post-its on Tuesday or wonderful pictures on Wednesday, I guarantee I am going to go searching for more.  If all I find is a forced series of memes, I will close the window.

So please, don't force it to be time for anything. Allow it to be time for social functions if you so choose.  Otherwise, do what you started the blog for.  If you started it as a way to show pictures, let me see what you've got.  If you started it to rant about your family, I think we can all relate.  Take a minute to get back to basics and maybe turn off your stat counter for a while!



Jessica said...

Thank you! And A-MEN!
I'll do the blog hops, but I only put the little button on my post. the rest is a regular post.
More than that though, I have a hard time appreciating the blogs that are nothing but giveaways looking for followers.
I like getting to know people, reading about different lives, places, and things.
If I wanted adverts I would quit blogging and turn on the TV.

Heather said...