Tuesday, April 6, 2010

30 Day Shred - Day 4

You know the wonderful thing about kids? They make wonderful excuses to NOT exercise!  Oops, Bug made a huge mess on the floor, can't work out tonight!  The good thing about having a goal?  I was able to push past it, pick up the mess, and make my date with Jillian!

Today was my 3rd workout in 4 days.  I still struggled a bit with the push ups and the crunches hurt like no one's business, but I made it through!  Sure, minutes five through about ten seemed like hours, but after that, I pushed through knowing that it'd be over soon enough. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow and I've decided that this is a good nightly routine.  Get the kids in bed, relax for a few, workout, blog, shower, and go to bed.

I took my "before" picture today and will post that later this week.  I almost feel bad because the shirt I'm wearing is from a completely amazing blogger.  I wanted the shirt for a long time and finally ordered it when she said she had one left.  Imagine the let down when I got it and it was too small!  I even bought a bandana that would rock with it since I often wear them when I'm working.  It's okay, give me a month and I'll be posting pics in that same outfit, but won't be ashamed to wear it outside!

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Cascia said...

Good luck with your 30 day shred!