Monday, March 22, 2010

What in the World Have I done??

So, my partner and I have started a company working to organize fundraisers for groups that help children and families.  You can read about our inaugural event here.  The good news is, we're preparing an awesome event for a great group.  The bad news is, we have no income until the event, and even then, it's not a guaranteed number. 

To help with the day to day operations, we've started selling cupcakes.  When we started testing, I told my partner I would dye my hair HOT PINK if we could sell 500 boxes in the first 30 days.  Seemed like a great goal, the reward is something I would never have the courage to do without incentive. 

So, today was the first day of sales.  That means that we have until April 22nd to sell 500 boxes of cupcakes.  April 24th is my fifth wedding anniversary and I've been planning for us to have a "real" anniversary celebration for the first time ever.  Now, if we succeed, I will be convincing my husband to take me to a fancy dinner with hot pink hair!  Sure, I could wait until after, but that's not what was agreed upon!

Dear Lord, please let the hubby have a good sense of humor about this one!  And yes, I am totally hoping we succeed!


trooppetrie said...

did he know you made the deal, he may think it is really cool. if your worried about the restraunt then you can always wear a cute scarf over part of it. okay so how many days would u have to wait. if it is just a few you could plan a big party or something after your anniversary and dye your hair then

Heather said...

The deal is that I will do it as soon as we hit 500, so it could be any time between now and then. He rolled his eyes at the challenge, but he's pretty cool about me doing what I want with my hair. I think it's the going somewhere nice that he'll be concerned about!

Rachel said...

I dyed my hair hot pink for a breast cancer fund raiser a few years ago. It was a 2 night event, so I told a friend's band that if they raised $500 on the first night, I would dye my hair pink the second night. I did it and I ended up loving it and actually wore the pink highlights up until our wedding, when I dyed it normal then went back to the pink highlights. My hubby is very conservative and he actually loved it.