Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laundry Week Comes to an End

For the past week, I've focused on doing laundry responsibly. First, I didn't put a load of laundry in the washer unless I knew I could put it into the dryer when it was done.  Thanks to an article on My Child's View, I also did not do laundry if I knew I would be sleeping or gone while it dried. This did make it more difficult since I'm out of the house so much during the week, but for safety, it makes sense.  This week, I didn't have to re-wash anything!

Next, when I ran out of soap, I made my own eco-friendly and frugal soap from a recipe I found online. I was skeptical at first, but I'm totally in love with our new laundry soap!  Also, I have been finding ways to use some of the supplies I bought around the house, reducing our consumption of chemical cleaners!

I also found a great tip for cutting drying time.  Again, I was skeptical but tried to stay open-minded. I now have a funky dyed towel that sits on top of my dryer, waiting to be thrown into every load.  It's been a lifesaver given my new rules on drying when I'm not able to keep an eye on the dryer.

I will admit that I wasn't the best about folding this week.  I was so focused on getting the laundry washed and dried that I would pile everything on my bed and then into a basket when my good intentions of folding after the kids were in bed fell through.  The good news is that even that turned into a positive! 

Most nights, my husband works late and I am sleeping by the time he gets home.  Last night, after we enjoyed "The Blind Side" for an in-home date night, I asked if he would help me.  I wasn't expecting him to since there are some things that he needed to take care of but he did.  As silly as it sounds, we had some great reconnecting over that mountain of dry clothes.

All in all, I mark this week a success!  I'm going to continue working on making this change permanent, and in the coming week, I am going to add home cooking every night to my list.

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